Read Me First

When I first started down this road I was doing a ton of searching and watching YouTube video. What I found around every corner was the massive abuse of assumptions. Somebody figured something out, they wrote a blog and they assume that you know everything they learned along the way. They explain the process but leave all the stumbling blocks out. They say “do this” and “do that” and “you need to do this or that” but they fail to fill in the blanks. Often times you’ll get to the end of a “how to” blog and it isn’t completed and never get’s completed. This is WORTHLESS GARBAGE and it’s discouraging.

I get it, it’s not easy to document a process. It’s labor intensive and you need to keep it up to date. Most importantly it needs to be accurate and written so everyone can use it to accomplish the end goal.

I am attempting to document a lot of stuff here and I will test the documentation when I’m done to make sure that someone who has never done it, can actually make it through the process end to end. To that end, the How To’s will be staged in “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” levels so that when someone is ready for the next level they can go directly there and get started.

I am hoping that when I am done, I will have a model that can used by others and we can come to a point where there will be less and less useless garbage out there. Oh my, I just realized that I have some pretty lofty goals.

The next step for you is to decide what level you currently feel you are at. I’ll make that decision really easy for you, you are a “Beginner”. You’re certainly welcome to try the other levels first but I would be willing to bet you end up back at “Beginner” at some point.

Well, what are you waiting for… let’s get going.. Go back to the menu option “How to’s” and select “Beginner” from the drop down and then choose the subject you’re interested in learning about. See ya there…