It is the policy of the Owner of the Nevada Hub and it’s associated peripheral devices that:

We operate with methods and means that in some cases may not be fully owned by the operators of said methods and means. Resources such as software which is generally open source remains the sole property of its registered entity. Ham Radio Frequencies that are consumed by the installation of hardware such as radios, repeaters, etc., are not in anyway restricted from use by persons who would otherwise have legal access to them.

Intentional interference is punishable by law as outlined in FCC Regulation Part 97 and we will never intentionally interfere with any licensed hams ability to communicate. At the same time, we will pursue legal action against anyone who intentionally interferes with our ability to provide services. If anyone feels that we are causing interference that violates Part 97 please let us know immediately via email at k7wby@arrl.net

By this notice, the name nevadahub(c) and NEVADA-HUB(c) are hereby copywritten and are the legal property of K7WBY.