This all started by accident – Yep, I’m a Ham Operator by accident.. I spent a career in the Navy as a Radioman and then transitioned into the IT world for my second career.

My neighbor told me he was going to get his Ham Radio license and I thought, Oh, that’s nice. I had no real interest in getting licensed but I was interested in what he was doing.

He passed along some information about the gear he was purchasing and I took a look at it on Amazon. I didn’t really have time to go over it so I added it to my cart and thought I would come back to it later. We’ll that was an accident waiting to happen because the next time I needed something from Amazon, I accidentally bought everything in my cart. I tried to cancel the order but couldn’t.

The items that I actually wanted came and the others didn’t but then the Antenna arrived. I thought at first it was for my boat since I had ordered one that never arrived. Then the radio (Yaesu FTM-100DR) arrived and I couldn’t resist opening it up. I guess you could say that box was in fact, “Pandora’s”.

Shortly after that I tested for my Technician and General on the same day and then bought a Yaesu FT991A so I could take advantage of those HF frequencies that I used to love when I was in the Navy. I was back into it but I can’t say I was hooked yet.

I never really understood what Wires-X was and didn’t much care about it until a fellow ham introduced me to a group that was focused on it. I joined that group and began learning about System Fusion. At that point I had no idea there were as many a 75 different digital modes.

As I began discussing Fusion with other Ham’s, I soon realized how many modes there actually were and realized how difficult it was to decided which one I was going to pour money into. Perhaps more influencing was what I had already poured money into.

This biography and this website is a work in progress.. check back often as I will continue to add more content as time permits.