We have decided to drop the XLX Reflector. It was not performing up to our standards of excellence and required constant monitoring. The refelctor software works flawlessly but the software that supports the hardware (Ambe Server) is not up to par and has unreliable dependencies.

We are currently testing D-Star using the popular Western Region Reflector REF014C. As soon as we can guarantee that bridging it into the Nevada Hub will in no way interfere with normal 14C traffic we will bring it into the hub. In reality, we are two mouse clicks away from doing that now.

YSF Reflector 953 (YSF953) is now up and linked to the Nevada-Hub Wires-X room 62712. This is a permanent link and will allow Hot Spot users direct and simple YSF Reflector access to the room.

By k7wby

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